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Our Clinical Psychology Doctoral Internship Program trains clinicians to provide assessments and treatment consistent with our stated mission and training philosophy.  We strive to provide closely supervised opportunities of learning and practice, in order for clinicians to attain clinical experiences and skills necessary for licensure as clinical psychologists.  Trainees will develop skills to provide services based on empirically-validated treatment modalities that are sensitive to child and adolescent development.  Interns will develop specific skills in clinical assessment and diagnosis, in clinical therapeutic interventions and treatments, in consultation and supervision, and in the professional practice of psychology.

Goal #1: Clinical Assessment and Diagnosis.  Interns will arrive at MA with prior assessment and diagnostic training and experiences from graduate training.  Trainees will continue to develop skills in this area, with the goal of increasing their experiences in clinical evaluation and understanding of psychological difficulties and processes for young adults and their parents.  Trainees will be proficient in completing written clinical evaluations of students and families.  They will also be able to administer, interpret and write integrated psychological reports.  Trainees will be expected to demonstrate increasing competence and independence in clinical assessment and diagnosis, as they receive continual supervision and assistance in practicing such clinical skills. 

Goal #2: Clinical Therapeutic Interventions and Treatments. Interns will arrive at MA with prior training in clinical therapeutic interventions and treatments, attained through their coursework and practicum experiences in their doctoral programs.  The goal during internship is to further develop skills related to therapeutic work, including individual, family, milieu and group therapies.  Specifically, trainees will learn and develop skills in treatment planning and implementation that is based on empirically-validated, theoretical understanding and conceptualization of presenting problems.  Interns will consider issues of individual and group diversity when conceptualizing, planning, and carrying out treatment.  Trainees will develop and demonstrate the ability to consistently establish strong therapeutic alliances, as well as to effectively implement various psychotherapeutic interventions.

Goal #3: Consultation and Supervision Skills.  Becoming a professional entails learning and developing the skills necessary to work effectively with other professionals, such as in supervising treatment team members within a multi-disciplinary team or in consultation with educational consultants who continue to assist families while the students are in treatment.  Interns will develop consultation and supervision skills commensurate with those of an entry level practitioner.  They will provide clinical collaboration and consultation with direct care staff, teachers, and other clinicians.  Trainees will also take charge of clinical cases, for which they need to provide clinical supervision to team direct care staff and teachers.  Trainees will seek supervision or consultation as needed, which they will use productively.

Goal #4: Professional Practice of Psychology.  Interns will learn and develop skills in the professional practice of psychology.  These skills include the ability to recognize ethical and professional issues.  Trainees will follow APA ethical code of conduct and applicable laws.  Interns will also learn and conduct themselves according to the state laws and regulations for the practice of psychology in the state of Montana, outlined by the Montana Board of Psychologists.  Interns will also learn and demonstrate professional conduct and the ability to resolve interpersonal issues.  Training will encourage interns to develop openness to learning that is based on scholarly inquiry and that is consistent with current literature and knowledge.

     Achieving Training Goals

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