Tim Corson, Psy.D.
Clinical Director

BA, Psychology and Social Welfare, University of Wisconsin-Madison
PsyD, Clinical Psychology, California School of Professional Psychology

Licensure & Certifications:
Licensed Psychologist

My training has included the completion of one predoctorate clinical practicum, two predoctorate clinical internships, and two postdoctorate clinical fellowships.  I have been a licensed Psychologist since 1997. I was licensed in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. I am currently licensed in the State of Montana. I have worked with children and families since 1991.

MA Team Therapist from 2003-2015
MA Program Director from 2007-2010
Co-Clinical Director from 2011-2015
Sole Clinical Director from 2015 to present
Board member on the National Association of Therapeutic Schools (NATSAP) from 2011-2015
NATSAP chair of the Best Practices Committee from 2011-2015

Date of Hire:

MONTANA ACADEMY 9705 Lost Prairie Road Marion, MT 59925 (P) 406 858 2339 (F) 406 858 2356