Stephanie Paidas
Team 2

MA, Clinical Psychology, University of Montana (2002)
MA, Depth Psychology, Pacifica Graduate Institute (2010)

My graduate training encompasses cognitive-behavioral, dialectical-behavioral, developmental, ecopsychological, and depth-oriented approaches to psychotherapy and mental health. In 2006, I began leading older adults through transformational wilderness experiences, and clients often shared a wish to have engaged the processes of healing and whole-ing earlier in their lives. I turned my focus to adolescents in 2015 to help them heal and discover the deeper senses of self and purpose that contribute to healthy, authentic adulthood.

-Psychotherapeutic wilderness program coordinator (2012-2015)
-Psychotherapeutic wilderness guide/instructor (2006-2015)
-Psychological research consultant (2002-2007)
-Therapist (2000-2003)
-Mental Health Extern (1998-1999)

Date of Hire:
MONTANA ACADEMY 9705 Lost Prairie Road Marion, MT 59925 (P) 406 858 2339 (F) 406 858 2356