Jill Dieser
Sky House Manager

BA, Education, University of Montana, 1998

Licensed K-8 Teacher, Curriculum

I have worked with this (16-20) age group for many years in differing venues: On farms, in rock climbing facilities, and on stage as the director of Troy, Montana Public Schools high school play. I worked directly with kids in Missoula, Montana’s Juvenile Justice Program. I have developed skills as a general manager from previous work experiences over the past 15 years, such as: Art, Music, and P.E. teacher, K-8; Kindergarten teacher; after-school program staff; rock climbing facility manager; restaurant manager; and organizing community fundraisers and events.

MONTANA ACADEMY 9705 Lost Prairie Road Marion, MT 59925 (P) 406 858 2339 (F) 406 858 2356