may 2015 Graduates: One-Year Follow-up
—From telephone interviews conducted by Linda Solomon in the Summer of 2016---i.e., one year following the May 2015 graduation.
—total number of graduates = 20
—families interviewed =20

May 2015 Graduates

Attending School


High School-15%






Not in School-0%

Worked Sometime in Last Year

Full Time-30%

Part Time-45%



Family Relations




Don't know-0%

Peer Relations




Don't know-5%

Substance or Alcohol Use or Abuse

No Problem-40%

Some Use-50%


Don't know-0%

Legal Problems

No Problem-95%


Don't know-0%


No Problem-45%



Home Contract

No Problem-40%



General Satisfaction

Good 85%


Bad Decision-0%

We asked parents in retrospect, how they felt about their decision to send a son or daughter to Montana Academy,
We would like to let parents speak for themselves. Rather than showing a sample or selected few of their replies, we have paraphrased all of them below. 

Overall, after a year, how do you feel about your decision to send your child to MA?

1) Very good. Very pleased. Best option. MA created a school and not a hospital atmosphere.
2) I think it was a life saver for all and especially him. It was an important time of learning for all the family.
3) It was great and I am glad she went. When we hit a new challenge we go back to MA's model and talk about it in a neutral unemotional way.
4) It was definitely good for her. It helped her grow up and take responsibility for herself and actions.
5) Very, very good. All got what we needed. He is back on the track where we thought he should be.
6) Really good. MA is the best of the best. The goal was to help kids mature and he really took to that.
7) It was great; he probably would have committed suicide if he wasn't sent to MA.
8) A good decision, but cost prohibited. Grandparents covered the expenses. The program was great and expedited healing.
9) Saved his life. So grateful, if not for MA the family would not be where it is today.
10) Great! Just been wonderful. Very grateful.
11) Excellent! So good for him. Sky House was excellent for him.
12) It was the best decision I ever made in my life. It was priceless and saved his life.
13) Saved his life. So grateful, if not for MA the family would not be where it is today.
14) Great! A school that any teenager would benefit from especially those with depression or anxiety.
15) Good. Sometimes I wonder if she learned anything, but I know she did. When she falls down she can get back up using the tools she learned.
16) Good to mixed. Who knows where we would be without it. Great support and tools. Now we need to figure out how to use them.
17) Best decision ever made. Tells people it was the hardest decision to make, but the best. Gave them lots of tools.
18) She had a bad addiction problem and low self-esteem. With the closed environment and therapy she came along way.
19) Great! MA promised to do all they could to help the child to re-engage in maturing, get better at knowing who he is and gain a better self-awareness. They delivered that.
20) The decision was one of the best they ever made in their life. He was able to find out who he was in a safe place.
21) Great! The program was designed for someone like our son. He matured, learned to deal with conflicts, and stick up for himself.
22) The only thing that could have worked for him and the family. He was a text book case for what MA handles.
23) Great! I knew from the beginning I wanted him to go. I knew he would be safe. He did well.
24) Good to mixed. Helped him and kept him in a safe environment. The level of maturity is not what I expected, he is about the same.
25) Good decision. MA opened him up. His therapist and team leader was great for him. He is now very responsible.
26) Mixed decision. Didn't get the results expected. The wheels came off in the transitional housing. I think they should tighten it up.
27) She grew a lot. Her daughter would say it was absolutely needed. She was struggling at home.
28) Good, but very expensive. They learned to manage setbacks.
29) Mixed. I loved MA and so did my son. It was a long haul. No regrets. Nothing but respect. Needs improvement when student has a true addiction.
30) Good. It was right for the parents. Son wouldn't be where he is now if not for MA. Lot's of positives. Addiction piece not given attention it deserves.

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