May 2014 Graduates: One-Year Follow-up
—From telephone interviews (one email) conducted by Linda Solomon in the Summer of 2015---i.e., one year following the May 2014 graduation.
—total number of graduates = 24
—families interviewed = 21
—3 families that did not respond to emails requesting an interview.

May 2014 Graduates

Attending School


High School-24%







Not in School-0%

Worked Sometime in Last Year

Full Time-48%

Part Time-38%



Family Relations




Don't know-0%

Peer Relations




Don't know-0%

Substance or Alcohol Use or Abuse

No Problem-33%

Some Use-67%


Don't know-0%

Legal Problems

No Problem-100%


Don't know-0%


No Problem-38%



Home Contract

No Problem-24%



General Satisfaction



Bad Decision-0%

We asked parents in retrospect, how they felt about their decision to send a son or daughter to Montana Academy,
We would like to let parents speak for themselves. Rather than showing a sample or selected few of their replies, we have paraphrased all of them below. 

Overall, after a year, how do you feel about your decision to send your child to MA?

1) Super good. Like, life saving kind of good.
2) Really, really, really good. Grateful that MA took him and grateful for everything that happened. Wish it was faster.
3) 75%-80% great, but not perfect. Certain aspects helped a lot. He understands himself better.
4) Very good, because he is in a very good place. He didn't take to therapy like I wished he would. Impervious to lots of MA.
5) Good to mixed. The best thing is the friendships he made. Therapy was not very effective for him. Strick contracts and group therapy was good.
6) Never doubted for a moment how great MA was. Very good for him.
7) Saved her. Tough on all of us. Parents worked hard in program. Got her back on track.
8) No regrets. Good outcome.
9) Good. MA was tough for her, but she needed it. So did parents. Crucial decision.
10) Good. Son thinks he would have done better at another type of boarding school. Mom and dad think it was the right place and very pleased with the outcome.
11) Good, best decision ever made.
12) Good, absolutely the right place at the right time. Still uses skill set; communication and honesty. Artificial environment at MA makes it hard in the real world.
13) Excellent! Feels like MA returned their child back to them.
14) Good. Came out the other end in real good shape.
15) MA is extraordinary experience for them. Couldn't have been a better fit.
16) Very good, an amazing place with a friendly and loving environment.
17) Absolutely good. Put him in his place. Moving on and doing well.
18) Great decision! Thought place was terrific. Kids get stuck and need peers and role models, so they can grow out of it.
19) Mixed, didn't diagnose Bi-Polar until the end.
20) Excellent! Learned a lot about himself. He grew and learned new skills. Takes responsibilities for himself.
21) Excellent! Best decision they ever made.
22) Excellent decision! At the time they needed to do it. She learned a lot.
23) Thrilled and would do again in a second.
24) Very good. Saved her life.
25) Beyond good, MA saved his life. He still struggles, but wouldn't be alive today without MA.
26) Good, MA provided the best environment to deal with him in the most constructive way.
27) Very good, best thing we ever did. Very effective program for him.
28) We feel it was absolutely the best decision and grateful we found our way there.
29) Good, life changing. Their miracle.
30) Very good. She wouldn't have been able to go to school if she didn't have MA's support.
31) Good, with all dad's screw-ups he can say this is one time he made the right decision.

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