May 2013 Graduates: One-Year Follow-up
—From telephone interviews (one email) conducted by Linda Solomon in the summer of 2014---i.e., one year following the May 2013 graduation.
—total number of graduates = 15
—percentage of families contacted and interviewed = 100%
Once again we were able to interview at least one parent for each student and sometimes two. The results are listed below.

May 2013 Graduates

Attending School

College - 67%

High School - 27%

None - 7%


Good - 57%

OK – 36-%

Struggling - 7%

Don't know - 0%

Worked Sometime in Last Year

Full Time - 27%

Part Time - 53%

Volunteer - 13%

None - 7%

Family Relations

Good - 67%

OK - 27%

Struggling - 7%

Don't know - 0%

Peer Relations

Good - 87%

OK - 7%

Struggling - 7%

Don't know - 0%

Substance or Alcohol Abuse

No Problem - 20%

Some Use - 73%

Problematic - 7%

Don't know -0%

Legal Problems

No Problem - 100%

Some - 0%

Don't know - 0%


No Problem - 33%

Some - 40%

Struggled - 27%

Home Contract

No Problem - 20% -

Some - 60%

Struggled - 13%

Other - 7%

General Satisfaction

Good - 93%

Mixed - 7%

Bad Decision - 0%

December 2012 vs. August 2012




In high school or college



Good or okay grades



Good or okay family relations



Good or okay peer relationships



Problematic Use of Drugs or Alcohol



Some legal problems



Struggled with post-grad transition



Parents’ satisfaction in retrospect “with the decisions to send a son (or daughter) to Montana Academy” was 93%
for May graduates. One parent had mixed feelings.

In this general satisfaction, we should let parents speak for themselves.  Rather than sample or select a few of their replies, we have cited below—at the risk of redundancy--all of their answers. 

Overall, after a year, how do you feel about your decision to send your child to MA?

1) Thanks our lucky stars. Game changer for all. So greateful the way it all worked out.
2) Enthusiastic, think it saved her life and parents sanity. Best decision ever made.
3) Best thing we ever did. We reach out to others and spread the word. Saved the family and maybe his life. Let him return to the person he was suppose to be.
4) Mixed feelings. Don't think it helped her, except it kept her sober, drug free and safe for a time. Would like to get the time back and get better therapy.
5) Better than good. Turned life and relationship around. One regret is that they didn't do well by her sister. It was traumatic for her sister.
6) Best thing we ever did. Gave everybody the ability to reset.
7) Very good. At wits end, he was failing so miserably with life. All other options were exhausted. Was relieved to find there was another alternative. Kept her safe while she matured.
8) Life saving. Most important decision we made in life. One of the best decisions. The Sky House program was a clear benefit. What it gave was invaluable.
9) Good decision, but disappointed in the outcome. Felt she had made more changes. She was able to follow the system, but didn't integrate into herself.
10) Something had to happen. He is more like himself.
11) Clearly the right decision to send to MA. The decision was very good. Sky House was a poor decision. 3 months might have been OK. It is not designed for all individuals.
12) Our son grew up there and learned steps that would stay with him.
13) Good decision. Able to approach things in a meaningful way. He can accept who he is and look at different ways of dealing with it.
14) Before MA life was out of control. Now working hard and going to school. The future was unknown before. We are happy he made the turn around.
15) It was the right thing to do. If hadn't, not sure where he would be today.
16) Very good. Without MA doubt we would have the son we have today. We definitely wouldn't have the relationship. Believes what made the transition work was the Sky House experience.
17) Great! Hard decision, but right decision. Sky House was great and set him up well for college.
18) Best thing that ever happened to him. Consistently aware of how mature he is for 19. Don't think he would be if not for the MA experience. Sky House was fabulous.
19) Absolutely the best thing we could do. Financially it was a problem. Think a sliding scale would be good for those with lower income.
20) Definitely Good.
21) The decision was great! We wouldn't be where we are today if we hadn't made it.

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