December 2014 Graduates: One-Year Follow-up
—From telephone interviews conducted by Linda Solomon in the Winter 2016---i.e., one year following the December 2014 graduation.
—total number of graduates = 10
—families interviewed = 7
—3 families that did not respond to emails requesting an interview.

December 2014 Graduates

Attending School


High School-14%






Not in School-0%

Worked Sometime in Last Year

Full Time-29%

Part Time-43%



Family Relations




Don't know-0%

Peer Relations




Don't know-0%

Substance or Alcohol Use or Abuse

No Problem-29%

Some Use-57%


Don't know-0%

Legal Problems

No Problem-86%


Don't know-0%


No Problem-0%



Home Contract

No Problem-27%



General Satisfaction



Bad Decision-0%

We asked parents in retrospect, how they felt about their decision to send a son or daughter to Montana Academy,
We would like to let parents speak for themselves. Rather than showing a sample or selected few of their replies, we have paraphrased all of them below. 

Overall, after a year, how do you feel about your decision to send your child to MA?

1) Dad said the decision to send Student to MA was the best decision they ever made. It helped bring the family closer together and improved communication.
2) Mom feels the decision to send student to MA was good and life changing. Student said he never could have survived the last year without it. It was a lifeline to get through life.
3) Dad feels the decision to send student to MA was above good. They are grateful and appreciative.
4) Mom said sending student to MA was a great decision. Mom discusses it with other moms and validates that there is no quick fix.
5) Dad said everyone thinks it was a great decision to send student to MA. In lots of ways it saved her and got her back on the right track.
6) Mom feels good about her decision to send student to MA. She said it is hard to know what would have happened if she hadn’t sent her. She believes it saved student’s life and lots of heartache.
7) Dad said there is no question that the decision to send student to MA was a good one. He feels MA saved her life and improved communication between all family members.
8) Mom said MA gave student a second chance in life and them a second opportunity. They will always be grateful. They have all grown quite a bit since they were at MA.
9) Mom says the decision to send student to MA was good. Mom thinks student would be pregnant, dead or in jail if they hadn’t.
10) Dad said the decision to send student to MA was a good one. MA helped her gain more self-esteem, understand her addiction problem and take responsibility for it.
11) Mom feels good about the decision to send student to MA. She said she wishes they hadn’t had to, but the decision had to be made. She doesn’t think any other program would have been any better.
12) Dad said the decision to send student to MA was good. It gave her a safe place to be in a time of life where she could have made bad decisions.  She is now more mature and stable.
13) Mom says the decision to send student to MA was very good. It gave all parties a healthy place to see what was going on. It helped them to distance themselves from unhealthy patterns.

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