December 2013 Graduates: One-Year Follow-up
—From telephone interviews (one email) conducted by Linda Solomon in the Winter of 2014-2015---i.e., one year following the Dec 2013 graduation.
—total number of graduates = 9
—percentage of families contacted and interviewed = 100%
Once again we were able to interview at least one parent for each student and sometimes two. The results are listed below.

December 2013 Graduates

Attending School


High School-11%







Not in School-0%

Worked Sometime in Last Year

Full Time-44%

Part Time-33%



Family Relations




Peer Relations




Substance or Alcohol Use or Abuse

No Problem-33%

Some Use-44%


Legal Problems

No Problem-89%

(1 Student)

Don't know-0%


No Problem-33%



Home Contract

No Problem-44% -



General Satisfaction



Bad Decision-0%

When parents were asked in retrospect, how they felt about their decision to send a son or daughter to Montana Academy, 100% felt Good or better.

In this general satisfaction, we would like to let parents speak for themselves. Rather than showing a sample or selected few of their replies, we have paraphrased all of them below. 

Overall, after a year, how do you feel about your decision to send your child to MA?

1) Very good, but it was difficult, painful and misunderstood by others. Maturity, openness and closeness improved.
2) Good, very much so. Life saver in a sense. Difficult to think of another place that would have had this positive effect on her.
3) Good, not bad, but struggled with the decision all along. It is a good place, but expensive and disruptive.
4) So good, a wonderful experience for the whole family. Pleased at the work she did at MA. Changed her life.
5) Overall good, got him through a difficult time. However, misses lost opportunities.
6) Great for all. Good role models. A loving place. Good experience at the Ranch and Sky House was better than good.
7) Good, great fit for him. When he got in trouble after returning home he was extremely upset and wanted them to know they didn't waste the money, but he was still learning.
8) Good, but sad to have lost so much time with her. However, the alternative was worse than the lost time.
9) Good, but most painful time of my life. MA saved her life. She has lots of gratitude and respect for the work done at MA. Financially it was very hard.
10) Good decision and plan to continue to support MA through the foundation. Doing a good job and wish it could be more broadly applied.
11) Good decision. Can't imagine the road he would have taken otherwise. Glad he had an intervention.
12) Outstanding decision. Dad as well as student say this often and thank MA for their gifts.
13) Real good decision. MA is an elegant situation that is hard to duplicate anywhere else. Academics were good. Took all of MA's expertise to get student well.

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