August 2013 Graduates: One-Year Follow-up
—From telephone interviews (one email) conducted by Linda Solomon in the Fall of 2014---i.e., one year following the Aug 2013 graduation.
—total number of graduates = 18
—percentage of families contacted and interviewed = 100%
Once again we were able to interview at least one parent for each student and sometimes two. The results are listed below.

August 2013 Graduates

Attending School


High School-22%







Not in School-6%

Worked Sometime in Last Year

Full Time-22%

Part Time-44%



Family Relations




Peer Relations




Substance or Alcohol Abuse

No Problem-39%

Some Use-39%


Legal Problems

No Problem-83%


Don't know-0%


No Problem-56%



Home Contract

No Problem-28% -



General Satisfaction



Bad Decision-0%

Parents’ satisfaction in retrospect “with the decisions to send a son (or daughter) to Montana Academy” was 89%
for August graduates. Two parents had mixed feelings.

In this general satisfaction, we should let parents speak for themselves.  Rather than sample or select a few of their replies, we have cited below—at the risk of redundancy--all of their answers. 

Overall, after a year, how do you feel about your decision to send your child to MA?

1) Very good. If we hadn't done it there would have been lots of years of regrets and issues. Worked out real great. Recovered from lots of problems. MA is a special place.

2) Excellent!

3) Good, he was spiraling downward rapidly with a prescription drug problem. Wouldn't be where he is if not for MA.

4) Good, with the exception that it drained our bank account.

5) Good, it gave her life back and made us better parents. Gave all a chance to move on with life. Can't state the importance of what it did.

6) Great, it removed her from danger and it worked.

7) Good, she seems to be much better about taking care of herself, no conflicts, happy and sober. She is doing quite well in all aspects of life.

8) Good, I think MA saved her.

9) Fantastic! Great positive experience. Did a remarkable job to make her think about things and move forward.

10) Mixed, I started out thinking it was a good decision and thought that most of the time he was there. In retrospect, he had an iron clad resistance to therapy. He did not buy into the program even if we did.

11) Mixed, MA is a great spot for people with clear traits and challenges. It is not right for everyone. He didn't buy into it, so didn't feel like one of the guys.

12) Mixed, it was the best place to be at the time, but her issues were extreme. MA kept her safe for 2 years. There is lots of good in it. She needed to be their longer.

13) Good, nothing else we could have done. Things are going well. The anxiety is still there, but she has tools to handle it. She goes to therapy when she needs to. The financial part was hard.

14) Better than good. It really helped her turn her life around. Don't know where she would be if she hadn't gone.

15) Good, he was going down the wrong path. We didn't have the tools to know how to deal with it.

16) Good, good, good. Sending him to Wilderness probably saved his life. Group therapy, adoption therapy and peer relationships were very helpful. It proved he could be a good student.

17) Good, liked the program, well ran. I was not totally for it when he first started, but bought into it. I wish he could have done some kind of transition before leaving.

18) Good, best ever decision. I feel blessed to be directed to MA. I recommend it to many people. A phenomenal  experience.

19) Good, best thing we've ever done for him.

20) Good, most brilliant decision I have made in life. All miss it, love MA.

21) Good, had a lot of hope, but he is who he is. He matured and was exposed to kids with bigger problems. Has lots more maturing to do.

22) Beyond good, really love MA. Other places seemed to be focused just on the student. MA encourages you to look at your own stuff. Parent therapy is really important.

23) Good, the program is really beneficial for us and our son. Years from now I think he will be grateful. The staff is outstanding. MA didn't fix everything, but his therapist said it wasn't going to.

24) Good, I am convinced it did a lot of good.

25) Good, the best decision I ever made in my life. Fantastic job, brought out from her what was in her. She is very mature and able to therapist dad (scary).

26) Good, MA kept him safe. I'm not convinced he would be alive if he hadn't gone.

27) Good, best decision ever made. Wouldn't be where he is today without Wilderness and MA. He is happy with himself, fun to be around and likes to go out. He is engaged with classes and people.

28) Good, great decision. He needed more help after Wilderness. MA taught him to do what he needed to do.

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