2009 Graduates: One-Year Follow-ups
—From telephone interviews (with parents) conducted in 2010 a year following May, August & December 2009 graduations.
—total number of graduates = 49
—percentage of families contacted and interviewed = 65%

Of this sample of 2009 graduates, a year later 88% were enrolled in high school or college; 12% were enrolled in “gap” programs or were employed, rather than attending school or college.  Of those attending colleges, parents reported 73% were doing “well,” another 7% were doing “okay,” and 20% were said to be “struggling.”

Of this sample, 34% had jobs, which meant that a substantial number of students enrolled full-time in school or college were also employed part-time.

Parents reported that 34% of this sample had virtually no intoxicating substance use; that 44% were using “within an age-appropriate range,” which presumably meant their use of alcohol was kept below the parental threshold of concern; and 16% were using in ways parents thought “problematic,” i.e., amounted to substance “abuse.”  Another 6% of this sample of parents reported that they did not know whether son or daughter was using or not, or how much.  One student was said to be “in rehab.”    

Of this sample, parents reported 67% had “good” peer relationships; 27% had “okay” peer relationships; and 7% “struggled” with peer relationships.   Of this sample, parents reported that 56% had “good” relationships with their families, 34% had “okay” relationships; and 9% were “struggling” with their families. 

Of this sample, 31% of parents reported that their sons and daughters had “no problems” with the transition from Montana Academy to the next stage of their lives, and 31% reported “no problems” with home contracts they’d negotiated prior to graduation.   Another 44% said the transition went “okay,” and 38% reported that the follow-through on home contracts went “okay.”   Some 25-31% reported they’d “struggled” with the transition, that despite pre-negotiated contracts, graduates had wanted to revise or junk those contracts, and that they’d had trouble holding the line, themselves.  In these cases there were “struggles” over misbehavior or substance use, albeit these parents also reported that ultimately these problems had improved. 

Finally, of this sample, 94% of parents reported, at one year after graduation, that they still felt good about their decisions to send sons and daughters to Montana Academy.  One parent reported, at one year, that (s)he had “mixed feelings.” 


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