The internship is a salaried position, and trainees can expect to work approximately 40 to 45 hours per week. During the week, trainees can expect to conduct individual therapy sessions with students; co-facilitate three team groups, two Addiction Studies groups, and one treatment phase (i.e., “clan”) group; participate in or facilitate meetings, such as weekly treatment team meetings, meetings with supervisors, group supervision meetings, and all-staff meetings; attend various training seminars; conduct phone calls to parents, educational consultants, and other professionals; eat meals with students and other staff; promptly complete mandatory documentation, including progress notes and various treatment plans and reports; engage in planned and spontaneous collaborations with other staff; assist with Parent Workshops and parent visits when they happen; and participate in team group fun-activity outings.  Sedentary to light physical work accounts for the majority of the activity in this job description. 

Starting and Completion Dates

The psychology internship program begins on Friday, August 15, 2015 and ends on Friday, August 14, 2016.

Stipends and Benefits

Trainees will receive a stipend and benefits, including medical insurance coverage (dental benefits are optional), and professional liability insurance.  In addition, interns will receive 20 days paid time off.


Trainees will receive evaluations throughout the year to facilitate personal and professional growth, and to determine competencies in the training goals outlined within their program.  The evaluation process will be collaborative, with interns and supervisors completing evaluations on one another in conjunction to discussions about the assessments.  Evaluations will entail timely, accurate, objective, comprehensive and constructive feedback to reflect the intern’s areas of strength and competencies, as well as issues of concern that require the intern’s and supervisor’s attention.  Ongoing evaluations provide opportunities for growth and development, and trainees are expected to make adjustments during their training.

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