Montana Academy (MA) offers a one-year doctoral internship in adolescent and family clinical psychology.  Located near Glacier National Park in beautiful Northwest Montana, MA is a therapeutic boarding school for teenagers (14 to 19 years) who present as emotionally immature with poor academic, family, social, psychological, and emotional functioning.  Many struggle with alcohol and drug abuse or dependence.  MA’s treatment program includes two therapeutic settings: The residential setting is located on an academic campus in remote Marion, and lower level of care is provided in the town of Kalispell, where students live together in group homes. 

Our Clinical Psychology Doctoral Internship Program provides advanced clinical training to assist interns in obtaining the necessary skills for the general, entry-level practice of clinical psychology and for licensure as clinical psychologists.  Interns will work within multi-disciplinary treatment teams to carry out assessment and treatment of adolescent psychiatric symptoms, based on the science-practitioner model and with sensitivity to child and family development.  Our training program represents a comprehensive arc of psychological client care including assessment, collaborative consultation, treatment planning, intervention implementation, documentation, efficacy evaluation, and discharge planning.  In addition, interns will learn to develop professional skills in consultation and supervision through seminars, as well as from direct experiences with supervisors and mentors. 

Since 1997, MA has provided alternative treatment for teenagers and their families, following the standards for accreditation by the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP), by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), and by the Northwest Accreditation Commissions (NWAC).  MA is also licensed by the State of Montana as an adolescent treatment facility.  MA is working towards accreditation by the American Psychological Association (APA) and is currently a member of the Association of Psychology and Internship Centers (APPIC).   MA employs over 80 staff, including child psychologists, social workers, mental health counselors, clinical psychology interns, teachers, medical staff, and clinically-minded direct-care staff who receive ongoing clinical training throughout the year. 

Montana Academy avoids all actions that would restrict or offer admission on grounds that are irrelevant to successful completion of the internship. We encourage applicants of diverse backgrounds to apply.

Primary Training Sites

Montana Academy has two treatment settings that provide distinctive training experiences across different levels of care and acuity for students.  Rotations through the sites are concurrent, and interns will spend four days on the Ranch Campus and one day at the Sky House throughout the entire year of training.  Rotations at the two sites are not sequential.  On any given day, interns will not be commuting between the two sites, given that on any given day the intern will be at one site or the other.  Interns will be responsible for finding their own methods of commuting to the individual sites on any given day.  Although public transportation (i.e., bus) is available in town for commute to the Sky House, interns’ travels to the Ranch Campus will require an automobile as there is no public transportation to this remote campus.   

The Ranch Campus is located forty miles west of Kalispell, Montana in Marion, where students reside in dormitories and attend year-round high school classes.  Remote in location, the Ranch Campus provides a calm, contained, and supervised setting in which students are able to focus on treatment and school without the distractions from home, such as drugs, videogames, and other contraband.  Campus life provides the critical containment and nurturance necessary for teens who learn to reengage in personal and interpersonal responsibilities.  Following completion of their campus work, eligible students spend their later months (usually two semesters) at one of Montana Academy’s supervised group homes, called “Sky House.” 

The intern will spend four out of five days (80% of training experiences) at the Ranch Campus, where he/she is assigned to a team (of boys or girls) from which students are drawn for individual therapy to be provided by the intern.  The intern will also co-facilitate group therapy sessions with the team he/she is assigned, as well as group therapy sessions based on treatment phase.  The intern will engage in clinical assessment and psychotherapy work with students who are enrolled in the Addiction Studies program.  The intern will train in psychological assessment and evaluation with students at the MA Ranch Campus. The intern will be closely supervised by a licensed psychologist and other clinical supervisors at the Ranch Campus.

The Sky House is located near downtown Kalispell, Montana, where some students have the opportunity to test their new maturity and sense of responsibility.  Whether they plan to return home or head off to college, more mature students take this transitional step in to practice greater independence, yet retain a sense of belonging and support, as they learn to manage their lives.  Students enroll in local schools – either Flathead High School or Flathead Valley Community College – to re-familiarize themselves with life in the larger, more challenging community, akin to home.  In Kalispell, students learn to balance various responsibilities, including those in school, in various daily living skills (e.g., cooking, cleaning, planned activities), with their families and friends, and with other adults (e.g., staff, college professors, public high school teachers). 

The intern will spend one out of five days (20% of training experiences) at the Sky House, where he/she is assigned to a house (of boys or girls) from which students are drawn for individual therapy to be provided by the intern.  The intern may also co-facilitate group therapy sessions with the house to which he/she is assigned.  The intern will engage in clinical assessment and psychotherapy work with Sky House students who are enrolled in Addiction Studies.  While the intern's training in psychological assessment and evaluation will occur primarily at the MA Ranch Campus, the intern may be assigned students from the Sky House for evaluation.  The intern will be closely supervised by a licensed psychologist and other clinical supervisors at the Sky House.

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